Applied Biotech provides a range of services to help you make your next scientific breakthrough.

Lab Setup


ABI maintains partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers, giving you access to the best pricing.


We can arrange to have seasoned experts to deliver, install and troubleshoot the equipment.


Get immediate training for all key personnel so that you start making the most of your investment right away.



ABI collaborates with thought leaders in the life sciences and local institutions on the ground to host relevant talks to up-level your skills.

Hands-on Labs

We also provide hands-on training in the lab delivered by seasoned researchers so that you learn the latest techniques and get individualized feedback.

ABI Institute

Coming soon

We plan to offer certified training in specialized tracks, and research opportunities for young scientists. Check this space for updates.



We offer grant proposal review, experiment design and other direction-setting services.


We bring decades of education and public policy experience to bare in helping review and set curricula for a modern science education.

Lab Services

Coming soon

Outsource lab operations that require specialized facilities or expertise, or quickly scale out for one-off or near term projects.

Lab Supply


Quality molecular biology and tissue culture reagents and consumables at rates and volumes suitable for labs of all sizes.

Prepared Kits

Coming soon

Individual laboratory kits with accompanying lesson plans, great for students of various ages.