Supporting Life Science Research

About the Organization

Applied Biotech was established in 2006 by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and business people with a passion for extending the benefits and opportunities of advanced life science and technology to the developing world. It is based in South Florida, with operations in other countries including Ghana and Nigeria.

Applied Biotech is a catalyst company that facilitates the application of Life science technologies for sustainable development. We conduct international workshops and conferences in Agri-business, plant improvement, and soil management, as well as renewable energy.

Microbial resources and biodiversity will be to the 21st century, what oil and gas meant to the 20th century. Leaders and countries who act on time will preserve their posterity and save the future. Applied Biotech is here to work with governments, businesses, educators, and manufacturers to harness the unlimited power of the biosphere.

Applied Biotech is run by engineers, biologists, physicians, and business professionals with over 25 years of experience. Our focus is: a) To build relevant and enduring capacity in science and technology; b) Attract and facilitate the manufacturing of science and biomedical devices and kits to create employment in the region and c) work with governments to address domestic challenges in environmental conservation, bioremediation, waste management and other constraints to development.


Our Goal

To build relevant and enduring capacity in science and technology. We are building international and local alliances to continue to provide training and skills-based education to African. Understanding the depth and basis of why things work the way they do is the key to meaningful innovation and discovery.

Applied Biotech offers Certificate and short term diploma courses with the aim of offering full degree and postgraduate degrees in the future. Our current subjects are Renewable energy technologies, Design, Construction and Manufacture of Solar panels, Waste treatment and management, Biotechnology and Plant improvement, and Postharvest preservation technologies.


Our Team

Applied Biotech is composed of a team of researchers and innovators, education experts, as well as technology training professionals with the aim of merging technology and the industries for the meaningful and relative use of applied science in operations, improving services, and promoting global progress among others.

We help our clients solve their problems with industry-tested results.


Mission Statement

Applied Biotech aims to facilitate and promote the use of Science and Technology in improving lives across the globe.


Vision Statement

We believe in the untapped potential of scientists all over the world — especially West Africa — and provide access to the technology, capacity building, and other resources required to unlock it. Our vision is to be a catalyst for biotechnology and life science education, research, and application globally. We help build the human and resource capacity needed to advance scientific solutions to the significant development challenges ahead.

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