We help nurture biotechnology skills.

We provide biotech skills workshops to nurture life science research skills among aspiring bio-technicians. Each session may be held online or in a blended learning setting. Throughout the session, we make sure to provide useful activities that cover a broad scope of life science research.

Aspiring bio-technicians or those looking to improve their biotechnology skills will undergo a skill-based training approach, which will help hone their biotech skills. During the workshop, participants will be given extensive technical information that will serve as a guide in their life science research and experiments as well as in the application of the biotech skills that they will learn from the workshop instructors who are experts in biotech research, innovation, education, and technology.

In the course of the workshop, you will be provided workflows, protocols, videos, product demonstrations, and technical information on the practice, theory, and principles about prominent and state-of-the-art life science technologies or biotechnology. The workshop will cover different disciplines across biotechnology, which include agri-business, plant improvement, soil management, renewable energy, and more.

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