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Boost your career as a bio-technician by joining Applied Biotech’s conference and online training. Our online courses and conferences are led by scientists, engineers, and business people who are experts in life science or biotechnology research, training, innovation, and education. Participants of our conference and online training will be given the opportunity to not only develop their biotechnology skills but also learn about agri-business, plant improvement, soil management, renewable energy, and more.

During the conference and online training, aspiring bio-technicians will participate in seminars, hands-on lab training, and discussions about the application of biotech skills as well as the relevant practices that will help conserve, develop, and allow further innovation in life science research and experiments. We want to empower aspiring bio-technicians to become the catalysts of change in the science and technology community and impart relevant contributions that will positively impact the future. Join our conference and online training today!

ABI collaborates with thought leaders in the life sciences and local institutions on the ground to host relevant talks to up-level your skills.

We also provide hands-on training in the lab delivered by seasoned researchers so that you learn the latest techniques and get individualized feedback.

Coming soon

We plan to offer certified training in specialized tracks and research opportunities for young scientists. Check this space for updates.

To know more about the specifics of our services, please contact us.

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