Imparting useful knowledge to promote bio-economic development


The depth of innovation and technological advancement has led us to the modern world we live in today. However, despite the tremendous body of scientific knowledge available, not everyone has access to such innovations. Especially in developing nations, the scarcity of resources still poses long-term economic risks. With Applied Biotech, we conduct extensive biotechnological research to create cost-effective, sustainable, and safe products. Additionally, we offer consulting programs to help businesses and institutions harness the efficacy of biotechnological models.

Our consultancy programs offer:

We offer grant proposal review, experiment design, and other direction-setting services.

We bring decades of education and public policy experience to bear in helping review and set curricula for modern science education.

Outsource lab operations that require specialized facilities or expertise, or quickly scale-out for one-off or near term projects.

Biotechnology consulting has been a vital component of modern research and development for healthcare institutions, manufacturers, and pharmaceutical organizations. Successful consultancy guarantees increased operations efficiency, compliance cost reduction, and optimal decision-making. Our expert and experienced technologists offer promising long-term results for educational institutions, businesses, government agencies, and more.

To know more about the specifics of our services, please contact us.

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