Reassuring environmental safety

We know that certain science experiments may cause a negative environmental impact. This is why we conduct environmental impact and risk assessment to foresee potential environmental damages and take the necessary responses.

Applied Biotech conducts regular risk assessments to manage any environmental and social repercussions that may come with biotechnology research. Our team of innovators and technologists follow standard protocols to ensure safety in every process. We understand that many groups have expressed concerns about the possible risks of biotechnology to the studied organisms and the life around them.

Our risk assessment also considers the safety of genetically engineered food products, especially for consumers. Hence, we’re taking substantial steps to reduce safety risks as much as possible. We also continue to initiate training, funding, and research to provide updated resources for the risk and hazard assessment paradigm.

Whether for food production, manufacturing, crop cultivation, and agricultural purposes, we work to ensure optimal safety for our personnel, community, and the environment.

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