Reassuring environmental safety

* Legionella detection / speciation in potable and non-potable water & surfaces

Legionellosis and Pontiac fever are under-reported severe diseases of the elderly and persons with weak immunity. It is caused by Legionella pneumophila bacteria. More than 75% of cases are caused by potable water within buildings. Water fountains, cooling waters and air conditioning ducts and surfaces are potential sources. Hospitals, hotels, resorts, retirement homes and condominiums in warm humid climates should proactively test their water supplies. Yacht owners and cruise ships will sail with a peace of mind with Applied Biotech Inc routine monitoring for Legionella species. We employ the standard CDC Elite culture methods and near real time molecular detection to serve your needs. We are certified as ASHRAE 12080 Legionella water safety and management specialist, with Proficiency (pending certification) in CDC Elite protocols. Our lab offers Forensic Legionella outbreak investigation and remediation consultancy

 Testing for all waterborne pathogens and bacteria using molecular and culture techniques

We employ national and international standards to detect, quantify and identify known and unknown bacteria in water samples. Highly proficient in E. coli, coliforms, heterotrophic plate counts (HPC), enterococcus and much more. Contact ABI for routine City and County water testing, before and after storms! Our unique molecular biomarkers allow us to provide reliable source tracking of pollutants.

*  Microbiological Quality of Wastewater, Water and Beaches

Consult with our environmental biotech experts for comprehensive water quality assessment of all aquatic systems, including canals, aquariums, and waste waters. We use metagenomics, whole genome sequencing and qPCR as well as culture methods

COVID19 – Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) Detection and Surveillance in Wastewater 

Check out the ABI COVID19 tests and other indicator viral loads in your wastewater to get heads-up on diseases before an out-break occurs. There is a correlation between high COVID-19 infection rates in the public and a high viral load in wastewater. We use standard qPCR protocols for the tests

Air Quality, Mold detection and Identification 

Hotels, homes, schools, and hospitals may order a comprehensive mold assessment to protect folks with allergies and respiratory concerns. From water-damaged homes to new homes; you will have a peace of mind with this inexpensive test done by microbiologists. We provide remediation consultancy

*  Harmful Algal Bloom Detection and remediation consultancy

Environmental agencies, aquaculture and aquarium facilities may want to test for harmful algal blooms using our rapid molecular detection protocols. Cytotoxins released by HABs can affect humans and lead to devastating losses of our valued aquatic creatures.

*  Detection of Rare and Invasive Species and Pathogens using Environmental DNA (eDNA) 

We use eDNA to assist ecologists and conservation scientists in monitoring biodiversity. Land manager struggling to identify and monitor invasive organisms will find eDNA spectra an invaluable tool.

To know more about the specifics of our services, please contact us.

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