Molecular biology, genomics, sequencing, and bioinformatics

R&D Support Services

Applied Biotech offers a broad range of services to support Life Science research in universities, government research agencies, pharmaceutical, health, and food industries. We provide high-quality essays and testing for the identification of unknown organisms/diagnostics, antibiotic drug recovery, cytotoxicity assays, and for tracking environmental pollutants, among others.

With Sample Drop-Off program, you simply submit any sample — plants, food, animals, bacteria, fungi, soils, and more. Our highly skilled technicians will run any of the assays we offer (metagenomics, molecular typing, identification of specimens, GMO detection, and screening, forensic tracking of pollution, microbiome associations and effects, formulation and testing of probiotics for plants, animals, and humans, etc.), provide report and recommendation in record time, thus speeding up discovery and applications.

Our goal is to increase your research and development efficiency through Applied Biotech’s support services and sample analysis. Our technicians will help facilitate innovative solutions for your research and samples by supplying the research functions with which you might need help with, especially those with complex data that requires stringent analysis methods. Applied Biotech is continually looking for ways to improve and accelerate research discovery and development. Hence, we analyze and interpret provided samples with careful accuracy to gain extensive information and understanding.

We are sealing up these services to include chemical analysis and agrochemical testing, which are in very high demand in developing countries.


We provide quality molecular biology and tissue culture reagents and consumables at rates and volumes suitable for labs of all sizes.

Coming soon

Individual laboratory kits with accompanying lesson plans, great for students of various ages.

To know more about the specifics of our services, please contact us.